Our 1st mission was to film a tennis game on the top of Burj Al Arab's Helipad (The World's Most Expensive Filming Location )  Our qualified TV crew accomplished the mission within one hour and we had amazing footages of the game as a result. On the pristine waters of the Arabian Gulf stands the world’s one and only 7-star hotel, Burj Al Arab. Its unique architectural design, to resemble a billowing sail, makes it Dubai’s number one landmark, and a world famous iconic structure that represents the spirit of Dubai. The Burj Al Arab, with its celebrity status, is the finest the world has to offer. 

Our 2nd Mission was to let our show presenter Maasa Takahashi to climb one of the tallest buildings in Shiekh Zayed Road (Blue Tower) and clean the windows using a robe only.

The World's Impact Images program will be aired on March 3rd on Fuji TV. The gorgeous , glamorous , fantastic , incredible and outstanding shooting event around the world.